When not at a panel or taking a break, all guests will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans for both days of the event.

Saturday Main Stage

11am – Q&A with Erik Stolhanske
12pm – Q&A with Brad Hawkins
1pm – Q&A with Judith Hoag & Ernie Reyes Jr
2pm – Q&A with Samantha Smith
3pm – Q&A with Sean Schemmel
4pm – Q&A with Doug Jones, Larry Bagby, Tobias Jelinek

5pm – Costume Contest

Saturday Panel Room One

11:15am – The Night Shift: A Local D&D Show
12:15pm – The First Heroes: Classic Serials Of The 1930’s – 1950’s with Kendall Fontenot
1:15pm – Q&A with Bonnie Gordon
2:15pm – Q&A with Scott Innes
3:15pm – Internet Sensation with Macy Davis
4:15pm – It’s Trivial with Grant Fletcher

Saturday Panel Room Two

10:45am – So… You Wanna Be a Streamer? with OldSkuleNerd
11:45am – Lolita & J-fashion 101 with Ash Alonzo-Wood & Alex Alonzo-Wood
12:45pm – Top 10 Comic Book Movies with Bros Who Think
1:45pm – Foamsmithing 101 with Voodoo King Cosplay
2:45pm – Wig Out! Buying, Wearing, and Caring with ineedsugarcosplay
3:45pm – Cosplay Prep for Cons with Molly Mayhem
4:45pm – Haunted Lafayette & Folklore with New Orleans Ghost Hunters

Sunday Main Stage

12pm – Q&A with Jimmy Hart
1pm – Q&A with Jim Cummings
2pm – Q&A with Walter Jones
3pm – Q&A with Jason Marsden

Sunday Panel Room One

11:45am – Leatherworking for Beginners with Quirky Penguin Cosplay
12:45pm – Q&A with Rob Guillory & Kody Chamberlain
1:45pm – Cosplay on a Dime with Suzanne’s Cosplay
2:45pm – Mermaiding 101 with Little Red Fox Cosplay
3:45pm – Dungeons & Dragons in the Real World with Kelly Vines


11:45am – Kiss Fans United with William Barber
12:45pm – #animetalk with Bros Who Think
1:45pm – Anime Jeopardy with The Guildhall Games
2:45pm – Costuming with Molly Mayhem
3:45pm – Star Trek Animated with USS New Orleans